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Lali ho!
Roses are red, violets are blue, all my game are belong to you!

So... I've known about My Little Game Dev for quite a while, but I was a little too busy with studies to join. I didn't have time to actually work on MLP games, and I guess I didn't want to get involved in another, possibly time consuming, forum...

But now I've just finished my studies (well... almost) so I decided to finally join. Some of you may have seen my comments on Equestria Gaming.

Anyway... currently I'm working on a 2D game, because I wanted to start with something slightly simpler. I started working on it in December, but then had to postpone it due to studies and now I'm working on it again. It's pretty much a launcher game of sorts with Luna using rainbow juice as rocket fuel in order to get back from Moon to Equestria. The controls are similar to Lunar Lander... so I planned to call the game Luna Lander. (Any similarity to already existing games' names is purely coincidental...) There will be a lot of upgrades, a boss fight at the end and two possible endings.

After I'm done with this I'm going into 3D (which I'm more proficient with) and I intend to do a tactical, turn based pillow fight simulator. Something similar to X-Com. With a lot of emphasis on reconnaissance, teamwork, reaction fire etc. My favourite genres are turn based strategies and RPGs, so it'll be mostly inspired by these.

If anyone's interested, I'm mostly working with the Scala programming language, and right now I'm using libGDX for my games so that they work on Linux, Mac, Windows and Android. I generally prefer coding mostly in high level languages, then optimizing the bottlenecks with some low level code (GLSL shaders if possible), while keeping the high level code as a sort of documentation.

I also like doing stuff all by myself (mostly in order to better understand it), so for example for my engineering degree in computer science, I wrote my own rigid body physics engine. Right now in order to finish my master's degree I only have to finish my thesis which revolves around real time ray tracing... so I'm writing my own graphics engine. I might use it in some of my future games, though most probably for the next couple of years it'll have to be optional with a traditional OpenGL engine still present because the minimal hardware requirements will most likely be quite high.

Other than that... I'm a hobbyist artist, sometimes scribbling something with a pencil, sometimes drawing some digital art with a graphics tablet and GIMP, sometimes modelling aliens and stickmen in Blender... nothing professional, but it's enough to create graphics for my games if I can't find something amongst the Creative Commons of the web.

As for music... I like symponic metal. Nightwish, L-Train... I also love the game music created by HalcyonicFalconX, so I mostly use her music in my games. Don't ask me to compose music though... my biggest achievement was to create a structure in Minecraft that plays the Imperial March... nope, I'm going to stick to Creative Commons for now.

you can find me on:

I guess that's it for now.
Mhh.. I'll name you an elite programmer. At least for around these places. Welcome.
As Anna said, you are one of the most advanced here.
And it's also nice to see more 3D artist around here.

-G. Ungaretti, Mattino

Spoiler: Stuff that may or may not be interesting

Spoiler: Remember this:
[Image: Mykkd5n.png]
Nice to meet you too.

Honestly, I'd say I have more theoretical knowledge than practical experience... while my studies weren't exactly centered around game development (I'd say closer to virtualization and computer graphics in general), I did have to write a few games... they were terrible, mostly due to the fact they were given marks based on meeting certain requirements like using certain technologies or techniques, rather than based on the overall quality and stability. Once I got a passing grade, I'd stay away from these so they're buggy and unfinished...

Now I plan to finally do something of decent quality to get some real experience.

By the way, I probably learned more about game development from a scientific group Vertex that I participated in while studying. There were a few people who have been to Game Developer Conferences and similar events (one of them even organized a similar local event in my university), so they're the guys that actually taught me how the rendering pipeline works, how to write shaders, stuff like deferred shading and so on. Now I actually have to apply some of that knowledge...

I also hope you'll have more marathons and similar events in the future... Vertex organized a few 2-hour long events of similar nature, I've participated in two of them. One resulted in a game that looks like this:

[Image: screenshotyc.png]

How to put it... at that time I wasn't proficient with any game engines, but I was working on an application that demonstrated how ray tracing works by displaying the ray traced image as a texture and at the same time displaying an OpenGL sphere showing how the rays are calculated...

During those 2 hours I reworked the thing into a game with a labyrinth where the picture is drawn beneath you as you walk around. It's written in C++ and for Windows only, since that was what we had available during the event... but I still consider it one of my best games so far xD

On the other 2 hour event I've tried using JMonkey engine. I'm not sure if I still have the game around but it revolved around you being a monkey with scissors (the famous Blender monkey head, to be exact), and bumping into hairy balls to turn them into bald balls.

That's because the first event's main theme was "a game with teleportation" and the second event's theme was "depilation".

Also, here's a screenshot from one of the games I've actually made for a university project. This one actually uses the rigid body physics engine I've written.

[Image: zrzutekranu8d.png]

Yes, it looks awful, and the screenshot is kinda full of artifacts too... it might have something to do with the fact that that the game constantly threw ConcurrentModificationExceptions because we couldn't figure out how to correctly synchronize the physics thread with the Java3D thread...

Anyway, the goal of the game was to find a glass of kissel despite the meteors falling from the sky, which would push you back and possibly make you fall from the platform.

And by the way, I guess I'm kind of an oldschool gamer, so my ideas are primarily inspired by games from the nineties. HoMM 2 & 3, Master of Magic / Orion, Civilization 1, X-Com series, Final Fantasy 1-6 & Tactics, Chrono Trigger... I guess mostly this kind of games. As for more modern games, this'll be mostly indie games and some flash games. Most of the time I steer away from big high-budget titles from the major publishers until those titles are a few years old, possibly have a reasonable price (for me it's something between $5 and $20) and finally can be properly judged whether they deserve to be called a classic or not. Soo... I mostly know games from Humble Indie Bundle and from ... in other words, you can expect me to write games that use modern hardware to the fullest, but are similar to games from the nineties otherwise. Simply because I don't know too many modern games, so I can't be inspired by them.

Oh, and by the way, recently a friend of mine tried modding Serious Sam 1... I tried to help him with the graphics, but a few week later he dropped the project because he was afraid of C&Ds and other legal issues... so I dropped the project too, because he was the main writer and without a ponyfied story the mod was kinda pointless... anyway, if anyone wants to restart the project, here's what it looks like right now:

[Image: twi2.jpg]

No animations, since making them would require each frame to be saved as a separate .obj file... and I was a bit too busy to either do this by hand or find a way to nicely automate this.

The very fact I managed to import one of KP-Shadowsquirrel's models was quite an achievement, considering it used non-standard .obj files and required that each vertex has only single texture coordinates, so some vertices had to be duplicated...
I say even if you have more theory than practise, it's still better than learning as you experiment. I can say from experience that that can be very bad for your motivation.

Regarding marathons, you have to talk to Wishdream, since he is the one who organizes them. There will probably be one late this year, though.

-G. Ungaretti, Mattino

Spoiler: Stuff that may or may not be interesting

Spoiler: Remember this:
[Image: Mykkd5n.png]
September this year is the next Marathon event, if my memory serves correctly.

You sir, (Assuming male) look very promising. I can't wait to see you in action Smile
[Image: FqM7f1v.png]
Does not wisdom call, and does not understanding raise her voice?
To stop learning, is to die. To stop adapting, is to die. To walk on the edge of Death, is how to live.

(5/21/2015)To Do List
Spoiler :

Platform Engine Fixing -75% (Beware the Stairs)
Pony Infinity Redesign -10%
*removed 'energy' bar replaced with flight bar
*making characters more fair
*reworking abilities for optimal fun(intractable teleport anypony?)
*increasing speed limit for body collisions
*Misc(IE, stuff and things, things and stuff)

Dark_X's squiggly line of Game Making
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As a game maker you're playing God. So a self defined universe is created. These creations affect the lives of people. Every creation has something in common with it's creator, with this a family can be made. Eventually creations will be contested against each other. These battles can linger for years. The winner gets all the fame. The loser is cast out from the Godly plain. If left alone a creation will slowly die of natural causes. Of course a creation can grow from others willing to feed it, and even make it bigger than it's very creator.
Quote:Master of Magic / Orion
Yes... YES! I have a feeling we're gonna be the best of friends. Welcome to the forum.
Cara's Do To List
Spoiler :
People ever actually read these things? Not really worth my time to update it, so just ask me if you actually want to know what I'm up to.
skype: bluevertro
Quote:You sir, (Assuming male)

Your assumption is correct, sir. In fact I've drawn my avatar to somewhat resemble myself, with the mustache and hairstyle. If anyone has any doubt about my gender, I cordially invite them to my deviantART profile. There's a photo in the Webcam panel. With my yellow-coated pink-maned assistant, whom I teach programming so that she can help me with my projects. I guess it could be called "freaky knowledge of gamedev". I also teach her ninjitsu (so that she can hug unsuspecting ponies, when they least expect it), and I teach her daemonic magic straight from the universe of Slayers (anime), since she isn't a unicorn, so she can't learn unicorn magic.

As for seeing me in action... I guess I should get back to work xD Sometimes I spend the whole day on forums (primarily the Polish MLP forum, though recently this forum too, and since it's not uncommon for one post to take a few hours to write in my case...) I guess I should stop now, so that I can resume my project xD (I guess you can see now why I avoided joining the forum earlier, during my exams. It's just that when I do something, I try doing it well. If I know I can't, I usually don't even try, waiting for a better time or opportunity.)

Quote:Yes... YES! I have a feeling we're gonna be the best of friends. Welcome to the forum.

Nice to meet you too Smile

I've recently played this pony roguelike I've found on this forum here and the icons used there seemed awfully familiar. The funny thing about Master of Magic is that for a long time I didn't really understand the game mechanics... then I read the manual and I was all "oh, so that's how it works!". I guess I had a similar experience with how attack and defense skills worked in Heroes of Might and Magic 2, but I played this when I was maybe eight years old, so I certainly didn't read manuals written in English back then.

I'm not even sure if I read manuals now simply because I can find something I couldn't find otherwise, or if I read them simply to appreciate the work of people who wrote the manual, knowing that over 95% of the buyers will never read it.

Also, when playing "Faster Than Light", I somehow came to a conclusion, that I'd prefer it with more Master of Orion 2 like game mechanics. Primarily the thing about how so many weapons simply ignored shields in FTL.

Ok, good night everypony. Fluttershy needs her beauty sleep too.
very VERY impressive stuff you have there, especially the physics engine
looks like you will fit in perfectly

also even just mentioning 3D already makes you a friend o' mine

hope you enjoy your time here
[Image: kOTR2MP.png?1]
"And you will know the truth ...And the truth will set you free."
Spoiler :
main status: BUSY AS BAWLS

current projects:
No Guns in Canterlot
Luna's Letter

possible hack and slash?
RPG framework
pegasus velocity

Quote:If anyone's interested, I'm mostly working with the Scala programming language, and right now I'm using libGDX for my games so that they work on Linux, Mac, Windows and Android. I generally prefer coding mostly in high level languages, then optimizing the bottlenecks with some low level code (GLSL shaders if possible), while keeping the high level code as a sort of documentation.
Interesting. I considered scala for my hobby stuff as well, before deciding on C#/mono, I'd be interested to hear your impressions from having used it in a nontrivial project. I also looked at kotlin, which seems to be similar to scala but with some of the language complexity scaled back.

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