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Lali ho!
I'm not sure where to post this, so I'll just write here since it's my personal thread and it's sort of a "long time no see" greeting.

Anyway, a small update on my status:

I sort of disappeared from MLGD about... a year and a half ago? I think the reason was that my ultimate deadline to finish my master thesis was drawing close and I had to go overtime to finish it.

I sort of finished in December 2014 and defended my thesis in February 2015. Around May 2015 I got a job at my university. And now in October I started PhD... so yeah, kind of busy and not much time to work on games.

But on the flip side, my job involves being the main guy taking care of a new virtual reality laboratory... with a CAVE.
Spoiler :
[Image: 5mws43.jpg]
[Image: 28lvoev.jpg]
And a pretty decent quality CAVE at that, with a pneumatic door that when closed, results in full immersion within 6 screens with stereoscopic projection.

So I'm kind of happy about that job, even though it does not pay much.

And yes, that theoretically means I could surround people with virtual ponies and a virtual Equestria simulation. It's just that I'm pretty sure my employers would find that a pretty pointless use of the lab. And it costs about $50-$100 per hour of operation. And I'm not really allowed to invite strangers to the lab, and pretty much any brony I know would be considered a stranger, so...

So I'll wait until I have total control over the world, and then I'll consider immersing people in virtual equines.


as far as game development goes, I haven't done much since Battle Royale: Forward to the Past.

But I do plan on making a sequel with more ponies, better UI, online multiplayer and a few other things. It'll just have to wait until I'm slightly less busy :c

I also still have plans for a bunch more games I'll make after that. And I'm already preparing a few additional things - a wiki for my games, maybe I'll start a patreon, and any games that are designed as safe from Hasbro's copyrights will end up on crowd funding sites. Commercial open source FTW!

I also have two musicians in mind that I'll hire to make original music for my games.

And I'm occasionally running game-dev related stuff in my area. Like lectures on ponymeets about good practices for game developers, or SFML workshops, such things. Though so far I don't think any of the participants created any games worth mentioning :c

Still, things are slooooowly moving forward.

So, that's my current status. Hopefully I'll finish at least some more games before the end of the world.

I love you all.

And Flutters.

Xinef ^_^
You just need something like the google glass camera mechanism so you can show people what you see.  What exactly are they supposed to do with this CAVE setup? I'm not sure how pony virtual reality is any different than any other. Are these costs you refer to like the electricity or something?
(11-24-2015, 12:54 PM)Stormy Wrote:  You just need something like the google glass camera mechanism so you can show people what you see.

A few problems here:
1. The main point of a CAVE is being surrounded by virtual reality. Watching it from a computer screen would not achieve anything interesting. At best you'd get images somewhat subpar to just watching a 3D pony game, or if you use an external camera instead of google glass, a video of a guy walking in between projected ponies. In that case, the projection would be distorted like in the photos, because it is all rendered to look right only from the point of view of the person in the CAVE.

2. I don't think Google Glass has stereoscopic cameras. Stereoscopy is very important in a CAVE as it means the difference between seeing the image on the wall, and seeing it right in front of your face. While all the apps we have right now can be run with or without stereoscopy, we only turn it off when we're recording with a camera or making photos. Which obviously end up "flat".

3. As of now, I've been told that we have a sort of "public relations" policy that the higher-ups don't want low quality images of our laboratory to be spreading over the internet (for whatever reason). So people who do make photos in the lab are asked not to make them public, and we only publish photos made by professional photographers and such. Quite a silly policy if you ask me, but I suppose my employers care.

(11-24-2015, 12:54 PM)Stormy Wrote:  What exactly are they supposed to do with this CAVE setup?

The main uses involve architects who want to see a building before it is built, so they can evaluate the project / choose between a number of designs. Training applications for e.g. firefighters (we could simulate a building on fire), engineers (a virtual survey of a ship, where the expert in training is required to find any broken parts, or parts about to fail), psychological experiments (we have a group of students who are working on an app to treat acrophobia and arachnophobia)...

(11-24-2015, 12:54 PM)Stormy Wrote:  I'm not sure how pony virtual reality is any different than any other.

It's better. Tongue

(11-24-2015, 12:54 PM)Stormy Wrote:  Are these costs you refer to like the electricity or something?
I think it's something like the price of all the perishable parts, such as projector light bulbs (~2000 hours of mean time between failure), electricity (for the projectors alone, that's 12x2kW = 24 kW), personnel (there are about 3-4 people at site most of the time), etc.

I think ~$50 is how much it would cost to run the thing for one hour, and ~$100 is what someone from outside the university would have to pay to rent the thing for one hour.
Welcome back. The CAVE looks incredible, used to think the oculus was more than enough, though I'd sure love to try the CAVE out someday, the footware looks mighty comfortable as well. One step closer to the holo-deck. I can understand them not wanting low quality images to be the first impression that someone might get from a project in the works, but it does sound silly, most people should have encountered the odd not all too good picture of something by now, but then again, business.
Map your route and travel with friends, preparation clears the fog.
(11-27-2015, 10:03 AM)blankascent Wrote:  the footware looks mighty comfortable as well

It sure does :3
The floor is made of 7 cm of glass, 3 cm of acrylic glass and a thin layer of special semi-transparent matte paint. The footware is supposed to protect it from wear and tear.

As a side note, the different materials used to make the CAVE (glass, acrylic, steel) have different thermal expansion coefficients, so we need to keep a constant temperature between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius, or the thing would EXPLODE.
... or at least suffer some damage.

Also, we have an invasion of ladybugs that consider the laboratory a perfect place for hibernation (yup! the forbidden word!).
They especially love to sit on the screens, mirrors and lenses.

Maybe I can convince my boss that they need to hire Flutters to solve the issue. Or Applebloom.

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