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Dumb HTML project
Download it here:
Works in Firefox or in Chrome with security disabled (just use Firefox).

This is what you get when you try making something out of shit and twigs.
I mean, come on, there is no way I'll make a game using only canvas as a rendering system.
Or is there...

Anyway, you can run around this simple 3D chunk of a city.
At first the idea was to make something like Alone in The Dark (the first one) with pre rendered backgrounds (and there is some code left for that). But then I though "what if I make something like Another World but in 3D?". And there it is. A low-poly laggy 3D engine made entirely with HTML5 canvas (no WebGL) and using no textures (almost). Completely flat shaded, not even using gourad algorithm.

Move with arrow keys. Hold shift to run. Hold F to aim and Space to shoot.

[Image: uwAHEiB.png]
[Image: PrlatqA.png]
Don't be sad.
Even if the world does not forgive, I will forgive you.

Don't be sad.
Even if you do not forgive the world, I will forgive you.

So please tell me.
What will it take for you, to forgive me?

-Frederica Bernkastel
Good job Jun, very cool.
Now make The Moon 2!

-G. Ungaretti, Mattino

Spoiler: Stuff that may or may not be interesting

Spoiler: Remember this:
[Image: Mykkd5n.png]

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