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Bad nights were had, things were said, thoughts dawned.

I just need some time to myself.

Shit happens, don't it?

Hope you nuggets have a swell time while I'm away. Make something, get something done, won't ya?

Spoiler :
A man said to the universe:
“Sir, I exist!”
“However,” replied the universe,
“The fact has not created in me
A sense of obligation.”

- Stephen Crane

Pls be safe

-G. Ungaretti, Mattino

Spoiler: Stuff that may or may not be interesting

Spoiler: Remember this:
[Image: Mykkd5n.png]
Fuckin' hell, Irv. Proper deep shit.
Please do get well, mate.
-Lex Rudera,
some knob who's just here, trying to get by, get productive, and achieve universal content.

Run off to the My Little Game Dev chat! Bounce some ideas around, or just have a friendly chat! I might even be found there.
Good company all around!
You have a good time away then. But damn we all have those, so kudos to you and have a good time recovering.
[Image: princess_luna_signature__testing__by_gru...5fgbio.png]
Status: Calming down and slowing down. Been busy almost 24/7.
"Reach your dreams to your highest potential!"
~John Jerome "Wishdream" Romero~

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