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FOE ponygame
FOE ponygame is the beginning of an attempt to make a fairly simple game based in the setting of Fallout Equestria (e.g. the Equestrian Wasteland). At the moment it's really just a partial tile engine (of sorts...) with a sort of of Fallout-y feel, namely a very grey look (primitive "stable" tileset is all I have so far). As it is, I've got a a couple of 'levels' that use the same tileset that you can walk around in and transitions between them and that's about it for noticeable actions. Naturally the 'story' aspect is as incomplete as the rest of the game. The most interesting bit is my pipbuck program (also in Processing), which I integrated into this for fun. It's not totally working, but it does reflect stat values etc from chargen. I didn't get a screenshot of it, but the readme file should be able to help you find that.

So, I'll just tack some screenshots up here:
[Image: 22946911831_88b4075a2b_b.jpg]foe-ponygame_main-screen by blueeyesjnh, on Flickr

[Image: 22517415837_a1e5d8d047_b.jpg]foe-ponygame_residence-level by blueeyesjnh, on Flickr (Album)

And a link to the exe and datafiles (Dropbox):

^ the above is a chunky 60 mb file at the moment because it includes two copies of everything, maybe I'll try and fix that.

* comes as a zip file with the 32-bit and 64 bit stuff, requires Java 7+
* I'm using Processing here (IDE, etc -- it's essentially Java) so I can have the ability to do graphics "easily". I'm excluding the source code, which is included in an export.
* click in the center of buttons, or else weird stuff may happen. if it crashes, just start it again

It's strange to realize what you forget to mention when you go trying to imagine what problems messing with something other people might have. Note: In chargen, you move between sections (name, age, .., stats, skills) with '[ ' and '] ', you change values with the left and right arrow keys, and you use 't' to select tag skills. Hopefully I've noted most everything else in the readme file (in the data folder).
It works pretty nicely, was able to wander around and look at stuff, though couldn't turn on the pc or enter the pocket dimension building, didn't know what the glowy boxes where either, maybe I should read the fics. The pipbuck has nice effects and works fine, kinda panicked when I pressed m expecting a map and got a system reinitialize prompt, was afraid it'd reset my character or something, but it was a yes/no, so no harm done. The lighting effect is pretty silly, only having a small box of light surround you, but illuminating only certain rooms and through open doors does sound like a good layer of atmosphere for a rogue-like.
Maybe you could make the game window less broad, have the save and inventory windows show up either to the side or below the game window, though in the game window could give it the pipbuck effect from the fallout games and have doorways at the edges of the game window more visible. For an early stage it works pretty well, and you've probably already got things planned for it, just making suggestions, good luck.
Map your route and travel with friends, preparation clears the fog.
Thanks for the comments. Yeah, alas I don't have the terminal implemented. It really does make you want to interact with it. The glowy boxes are supposed to be a idea for what a power generator would look like. Right now they show up elsewhere because it was a test of an animation. Animations and entities aren't particularly coupled in the code. On one level it's actually an obstacle because that level has it as an entity too. The building and pocket dimension was largely a test to see how well that asset fit in. Alas there is nothing to enter at the moment. Sad

I'll have to think about the pipbuck interaction. As is it's just keys to get to separate screens  ( D, I, S ) and the arrow keys to navigate within. There are some other test screens because of it having originally been a separate program. We're you expecting 'm' to take you to the map within the data screen?

I think the game screen width has to do with wanting 10 inventory boxes of a certain size. Obviously I don't have many versions of the assets so resizing is a matter for consideration before action.

The 'lighting' was a very primitive attempt at a limited distance visibility. In a sensible world I'd do some kind of ray casting, but I barely understand the idea and am not quite sure how to about it. I've seen a couple demos, but they only show the math and not the other details....

What do you think of the character sprite size? Is it okay or is it too small?

another addendum: the game will create it's own folder in appdata to put save files (such as they are..) in.
The character size is okay, it's large enough to add little details like goggles and armour and it leaves enough room on the screen to show a wide area around the player.
Map your route and travel with friends, preparation clears the fog.
New Version! No Screenshots! (mostly 'cause I'm lazy, but also because there are only a few new things to show and it'd be spoilers anyway)

Anyway, as far as what can be seen it's mostly the same. The important changes are as below and anything else is probably just cosmetic or some kind of tweak.

- much improved lighting
It's a lot better than it was and it uses a search algorithm of sorts now, still not exactly what's desired though.
The results looks decent and less half-assed. Alas the new approach is a bit cpu-intensive so it may seem slow
while the lighting is enabled. For the full experience, turn lighting on before you start a game (Options->Lighting, red button means that it's currently disabled).

- click to move
Not sure if this is really desirable, but I found some A* pseudo-code and you can now click to go to (reachable) places! It mostly
works, but it does seem a bit buggy in certain cases and long/buggy searches can hang the game (yay synchronous programming...)
so if it seems hung, just close and restart. Saving may not work on non-Windows systems, but it's worth a try in case the game bugs
out on you for less annoyance factor. Unfortunately saving doesn't preserve items at the moment, but levels are totally reload/reset on changing, so you can just go find whatever it was again.

- open some doors
those locked doors (to empty rooms) in the front can be opened now if you go find the key (hint: it's an item and the only place items
can go right now is in your pockets or on the floor)

- Pipbuck enhancements
Now shows the items you're carrying, but doesn't allow any inventory manipulation or show any information yet (coming sometime in the FutureTM I hope). You can also scroll up and down through the stats and perks now, although they are still just visually pretty. The radio is back to some level of functioning. In particular the "station" -Music- plays a couple of songs that were used for testing, but you can always put some stuff in the music folder and add it to a playlist (every 'station' is simply a playlist of songs -- a text file with one song file per line, songs are assumed to be found in music). The playback may not be terribly smooth and it may crash the game if it can't find the file, but it does work (at least for me)

download:  (same as before I think, but there it is)

NOTE: due to transition to Eclipse, the release is simply a runnable jar file. A double click should suffice, but you may have to write a launch script to call java if you're not using Windows/have some kind of auto-launch configured properly.

Saving the game is 'ALT-S', though you may have to try more than once for a proper recognition of the keys. ESC closes windows (part of UI) just like clicking the red x in the right hand corner (it may also exit the program sometimes if there are no open windows -- exercise caution). Additionally only of the mouse buttons drops items now (and you can only drop stuff that's shown in the bar at the bottom).

Clearly I need to update the README and document assumptions I make... Tongue
New version!

Download here: dropbox folder

I haven't got a numbering scheme yet so this will be just the 7-14-2017 release. As with the last one this is available as a double-click to run jar file with a data folder, saves and options config should be stashes in a folder called 'ponygame3' in your AppData folder (Windows) or equivalent (Mac, Linux). New, more complete set of screenshots at link below (Flickr).

Screenshots: screenshot album

Changes (very brief overview, I don't document these real well)

- some cosmetic touch-ups here and there
- saving now preserves open/closed doors for visited levels
- character direction is now changed in a meaningful way when changing levels
- save list now show gender/race symbols for easier save identification in addition to a 96x96 clip of your character's position when you saved
- terminal class/visuals in progress, very much function-less by comparison to pipbuck, alas
- new partial tilesets for a desert and inside of a wagon
- added some structural code for NPCs and conversation (definitely WIP and very limited functionality)
- made reduced size versions of item images to display on ground
- current equipped weapon is now shown in box to left of quickslot bar
- created some new monster sprites, not used in game due to poorly designed and hastily implemented monster pseudo-AI
- options settings are now preserved in config and reloaded when you start the game
- slight tweaks to event system
- some adjustments to make sure things that shouldn't be visible with lighting enabled are not visible
- items are now only placed when a level is loaded for the first time, so don't leave a level without looking around and picking stuff up (again, WIP)

Bugs... I'm sure there are many bugs, I even know what some of them are. Feel free to point any really dumb things you experience while checking it out.

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