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Hi. :)
Big Grin 
I've looked at this site a few times and finally decided I'd like to be able to properly comment on things. So I registered. While I do enjoy simply sharing my opinion I am also a programmer (mostly Java, but I've done college class assignments in Python and C).

Making games always seemed like it would be fun, but alas it is a lot harder than it seems. Naturally I've tried pretty hard on a few occasions to do make Java do what I want it to... with varying success and a lack of end products that can actually be called games. My latest attempt (in Processing) has been going ok, although I might be due for some 'tileset' modifications. Being the crazy person I am sometimes, I seem to enjoy trying to reinvent the wheel in painful ways instead of, you know, learning how to use rpg maker or one of a half dozen other systems.

The latest thing:
Also -> (text-based multiplayer "game" server/thing)

It'd be nice to be able to help someone with their project, although my art skills are pretty mediocre and Java is definitely not everyone's idea of a suitable programming language.

deviantart: (yeah, me too. not that there's anything worth looking at)
Welcome to MLGD! You sound ALOT like me when I started programming with the reinventing the wheel and all. Also, if you're looking for a project and willing to look into lua, (and apologies for plugging so much lately xD) Beyond Equestria is looking for some programmers to help out with event scripting and whatnot. If you're interested, feel free to shoot me a PM!

Once again, welcome, and I hope you enjoy your stay!
WARNING: SHAMELESS PLUGS - The website for my dev team - The website for Beyond Equestria. We are looking for devs to help out. If interested, shoot me a PM! - The (somewhat completed) website for my game engine

And the number of programmers increases! Welcome to MLGD. It appears that the pace is now steady for pony related game dev material! I'm sure there are many experienced people here willing to walk with you through your journey of programming. Given that majority of the population here are programmer (I think?) finding other people to work with should not be a challenge as you may already know.

Lastly, come around to We are quite active there and you will most likely find someone to talk to. Keep in mid that we live in various places around the world so the times when people are on and off might seem strange depending on your location of residence.

Have a wonderful time here at MLGD!
Almost Concrete Division Orchestral Music Composer...

In all honesty I fancy myself quite a decent programmer (don't we all Tongue), but with the exception of the Java GUI and dabbling in Processing I have fairly limited experience with graphical stuff and sound and so on. Programmer is a very vague term when one tries to describe skill/expertise. Lines of code is a poor metric for quality or skill, but if you looked at the github repo I linked, you'll see that there is a lot of code there. And of course, knowledge of one language does not equal immediate success with another.

FWIW, I think programmers like to reinvent the wheel (or try) on account of figuring they can do it themselves or that their solution will be better (for some it might be). That and you usually understand your own code better than a library with only api documentation.

 I might have another look at Lua, but some languages are just weird to those of us who are used to Object-Oriented/Functional languages with static typing. The way a languages does certain fundamental tasks can be very offputting. If you've ever tried Ruby, you might have a sense for what I mean.


That'd be nice, although it's not just finding people/project as much as finding one fits well. Especially when it comes to time commitments, etc.

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