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Hiya everyone! I am new here!
Sorry I'm late to the party, hopefully the fun isn't over yet. I have a ton of ideas and I wanted to share them with some talented game designer or programmer if anypony is interested, since I don't have almost any experience besides my experience with gamemaker studio, which is pathetic to say the least. My hope now is to inspire other, more talented ponies out there.
Big Grin
Welcome! Welcome.
Sorry for the extremely short greeting but welcome to My Little Game Dev.
I'd doubt anyone would accept ideas but hey, exert a little more effort and learning and you might get yourself a hit deal~!
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Aw, naw, we still got some fun in here, scattered here and there. Tongue

Otherwise, welcome to the club! Hope you enjoy your stay here!

Oh, and Wishdream, that's pretty darn smooth.
"Welcome! Welcome."

Spoiler :
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It is evident that I am late to the welcome party. Well. Better late than never, yeh?

We would love to hear your ideas! It is always good to have that lightbulb over someone's head make it to the eyes of others. That said, Wishdream does make a good point when he said the ideas aren't "accepted" as in "assistance is not easy to find" or "the chances of someone with competence doing it is unlikely" as I interpret it. Good luck though. Perhaps you will get lucky or your idea is fantastic!

It's always good to have new people here but it seems like the steam is coming back to MLGD. Brony game devs are a niche within a niche so the scarcity is understandable.

Lastly, come around to sometime. This is the MLGD chat room where we go to chat and hang out for a while. There are people from different areas of the globe so depending on where you live, you might find people online and active at odd times or offline and dead on others.

Welcome to MLGD! Hope you enjoy the community here. People say the folk here are well-natured and I will agree. Have a great time!
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I'm also a bit late, to the welcoming party anyway... but I digress. Welcome! I would love to see some of your work! Also, if you are looking for experience, the Beyond Equestria team is looking for programmers to help out with event and object scripting. PM or email me if you're interested. 

If you're not interested in the Beyond Equestria project, I would suggest looking at the recruitment section of the forums. There's quite a few projects going on there.
WARNING: SHAMELESS PLUGS - The website for my dev team - The website for Beyond Equestria. We are looking for devs to help out. If interested, shoot me a PM! - The (somewhat completed) website for my game engine


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