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Greetings From a Small Dev Group
We have hovered around this place but we didnt have any interaction, but now we had the intentions to register and check out, and possible help around this comunity.

We, Pony Hospital are a small group of 5 that originally we just did arts and some other pony content, but we also created assets and content for graphic engines of some sort. Under a different name as was an actual job outside of Pony, but once we started this project named Pony Hospital as an 3D project, we accidentally got some benefits out of this project.

Video right here :

We are mostly artists and Technical animators, varied years of experience but we have been loving to push pony and 3D development combined, and look forward hopefully provide useful help around here.

On the sidenote, I do not encourage if you click the source of the video/link at the end as may contain graphic content of explicit purposes.
Hello and welcome to My Little Game Dev! The source of pony development that seems to be rare and hard to find within the realm of Game Development in the community.

I am Wishdream, a veteran Game Developer foraying into all the fields of development except for business. An all-in-one if you may say. I am the person that runs this place and owns this place. Basically god.

Have I met you and your team before? I believe we already met on
If not, probably Picarto? I remember your name somewhere and I certainly remember that trailer.

Either way, welcome to this little humble abode we have created.
Seemingly inactive, but active at the same time. Lonely, perhaps but maybe we have other plans.

For now, we have, that place isn't so lonely and you will see developers visit almost everyday. I find it strange that we don't post much here but talk almost everyday in that small chat. Have a gander and check that place out for a while.

Otherwise, feel free to ask help or maybe some guidance to things.

Have a great stay~!

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~John Jerome "Wishdream" Romero~
"We, Pony Hospital are a small group of 5"

Literally the first thing that came to my mind when I read that...
[Image: DCFDTL_%28Codname_KND%29.png]

Ok, sorry.

But seriously now...

Repeating what Wishdream has already established, welcome to MLGD! Considering that game development in the brony/ pony community is a niche inside a niche, full on dev teams are indeed understandably very rare. We are certainly glad to have you around! I do have this feeling that the pace is picking up. More people are posting nowadays than bots so that's a start. 

I guess I can introduce myself as well. I am EQ7-2521 (or EQ for short, props if you know what the numbers mean), your local Cardboard Division orchestral music composer with Aspergers Syndrome. There may be a promotion to Concrete Division but I shouldn't get my hopes up too high. Music is probably the only field I can ever hope to contribute to in the MLGD community but it is certainly better than nothing at all.

This game for sure looks pretty good! There is not much to say from the video aside from the visuals and the models but it seems to be very interesting on the get go. Animations seems to be great and the game tangibly exists (which is also rare). Thanks for the warning on the link/ website, by the way. Now I'm glad I used 4G on my phone instead of my college Internet to view your website. What exactly is the game about because from what I can gather, the game is about 5 anthropomorphic ponies operating a hospital in the outskirts of Ponyville whose main role is to take care of those with sexual fetishes so unusual, so out there and specific that it would make the number of unicorns on the planet Earth look as commonplace as water molecules are in the Pacific Ocean, complete with all its interns, identification numbers, and fancy filing papers up the wazoo.

If that is the case, it will have a specific audience, if you ask me. Perhaps the website is misleading on what the game is going to be. It could be your standard hospital horror game, or surgeon simulator, or a vanilla hospital simulator for all I know.

All in all, welcome to MLGD! As Wish has mentioned, feel free to drop in the chat. Please enjoy your stay here! Have a good one!
Almost Concrete Division Orchestral Music Composer...
Well, we've already met each other and talked in the chat, but I thought I might as well make a proper greeting post.

Hello there! Welcome to MLGD!
As EQ stated above, dev teams are pretty hard to come by when it comes to the brony community, so it's great having one here.

Anyways, this game should be interesting. I'm assuming it's following what the site's got - I'd be a bit surprised if it was a standard hospital simulator like EQ was predicting. But also not so surprised, as deviating from that makes for a wider audience and such. Tongue
In any case, the models seem pretty good thus far. Really love it when they look up and to the right whilst walking, it gives them an amusing conspicuous-type look. XD

I'm also having a hard time understanding what's going on in that trailer. Nurse51 is their usual angry self and throws an apple out the window, and then magix, and all of a sudden 47's fainting or whatever?
Wat? O_o

Also, it seems as if your major inspiration for the naming convention was the SCP Foundation. In fact, the entire thing kinda feels like it, with cases and such that need their own proper handling.

And yeah. Besides that, hope you enjoy your stay here! Tongue

Spoiler :
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Continueing the string of greetings, Welcome to MLGD!

Wow, an experienced group working on a pony project together, it makes me tingly all over, not to sound impersonal.
Characters move fluently and actively observe their surroundings, great lighting and sharp texture-work. If it looked this good 6 months ago I'd really like to see how it looks now. Kinda hoping it's not as explicit as your site is, but I'd check it out anyway. I'm guessing Call of Cthulhu-esk paraphilia mechanics and horror or life-simulation, a pony game to boot, I can't wait to see and play it.
There's already a thread going for anypony who'd like to help others with assets, though your help would certainly be great.

Hope you enjoy your stay here and good luck!
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Thank you for the warm welcome MLGD! We sure have hopes to showcase more and more depending it is completion and also provide secrets or so if we can.

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