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Greetings, have a wave.

I've been a fan for some time, but never really had much of an idea of what kinda game to make, though there were a few I looked out to that eventually vanished. Been working with unity for some time and know my way around blender and can make textures and vectors, though not fast or precise, but I try to make it close enough. Only recently actually learned enough to keep working on something without getting stumped every so often, weird feeling.

Seemed like a fun idea to join up here and check out the goes on, hopefully be helpful too.
XD I get that feeling too. It is strange, but it's great too, knowing that you'll actually finish something for once.

Anyways, welcome to the club!

Spoiler :
A man said to the universe:
“Sir, I exist!”
“However,” replied the universe,
“The fact has not created in me
A sense of obligation.”

- Stephen Crane
Big Grin 
Welcome to MLGD! I'm new here myself, but while things may seem a little slow around here a tad, I know myself and some others are slowly but surely trying to change that. I like the Big Macintosh icon; the world needs more apple stallions. Big Grin
Where's the cream filling?
Thanks for the warm welcome.
Yeah, suddenly everything feels more like a puzzle than a great mountain shrouded in a mist of secrets and hidden dangers and treasures, though those are mostly always still there somewhere.
Indeed the world could, yours looks quite captivating as well.
It's great to see the slow inflow of people still going. Welcome to this somewhat slow forum, Blank!
Hopefully you'll stick around. People have been anxiously longing to see some progress on pony games for a while now.

-Lex Rudera,
some knob who's just here, trying to get by, get productive, and achieve universal content.

Run off to the My Little Game Dev chat! Bounce some ideas around, or just have a friendly chat! I might even be found there.
Good company all around!
I suppose I'll jump on the bandwelcomewagon and say hey.  If you haven't already, you should obey Lex's signature and pop into; that's where most of the action seems to be.
Thanks a lot, I can't help but feel welcome. certainly enter the chat when I get the chance.
Welcome to MLGD! I assure you that the people around there are kind-hearted folks. There is certainty that your skills will be useful to the community here. Yes, I will concur that MLGD is rather slow but it seems to be picking up the pace as of late. Hopefully this positively accelerates!

Again, welcome!
Thanks a lot, EQ7. Maybe you could join the chat as well, it's rather fun at times.

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