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Hi, everyone!

I'm kinda new to contemporary game development.
I made a few games in RPG Maker XP back like 14 years ago.  I also made some flash animations using video game sprites back then, too.
I'm currently taking a course in 2D Gamemaking in Unity.  I'm going to try and blast through as much of that as I can over the next couple of weeks.

I can also work in musical DAWs, although I'm not good at creating music.  I can also work in flash, video editing NLEs, and photoshop (more for shooping than painting).
Good to see you here, Aleister Pwny. As above so below. : ^)

I think we'll get along just fine here and kick some flank together when we've got our skills and ideas ready, however long that takes. /)
Where's the cream filling?
Welcome, Aleister!

Things might not be going particularly fast here nowadays, but hey, we're still somewhat alive when poked.
Some are beginning to feel the pony game dev scene has been going rather slowly nowadays, to put it lightly, so hopefully we'll get to see more of you!
-Lex Rudera,
some knob who's just here, trying to get by, get productive, and achieve universal content.

Run off to the My Little Game Dev chat! Bounce some ideas around, or just have a friendly chat! I might even be found there.
Good company all around!

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