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Oh no, He's Here

Name's Dj Shadowhoof in the pony community, and Kai Blackblood everywhere else on the internet

I like making art and stuff for games and comics and whatnot. Currently, I'm a freshman in college trying to get into the gaming industry as a concept artist for characters and other things.
I have a bit of knowledge in making Unity2D games (i actually made a small one, and if you wanna try it out let me know)

I don't really like to code, too tedious for me, but i will if i have to.

you can also find me at other places if that's cool.

Personal Tumblr
Ask Blog Tumblr

ok i think that's it?
let me know if you wanna do a thing together. that'd be cool.
Like Comment and Subscribe and all that jazz~

[Image: tumblr_n6x4szS05C1t4fj2uo1_250.gif]
Fantastic! It's great to have you here. Although I haven't been here for all that long, it is still a pleasure nonetheless. I am more than sure that your artistic and programming (this is not preferred it seems) abilities will definitely offer levels of assistance to other teams/ folks around these parts. Since I am no artist, I do not think I can properly critique your work, but I can assure you it is eons above my artistic skills!

Welcome! Have a great day!

Cute AJ gif...

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