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Totally not good news
I'm done.

My computer finally decided to die.
Everything should be still there, but it's not accessible anymore.

I'm not going to try to fix it, but wait to buy a new one, and see if I can recover at least the important stuff.

So, yeah, see you eventually.
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Does not wisdom call, and does not understanding raise her voice?
To stop learning, is to die. To stop adapting, is to die. To walk on the edge of Death, is how to live.

(5/21/2015)To Do List
Spoiler :

Platform Engine Fixing -75% (Beware the Stairs)
Pony Infinity Redesign -10%
*removed 'energy' bar replaced with flight bar
*making characters more fair
*reworking abilities for optimal fun(intractable teleport anypony?)
*increasing speed limit for body collisions
*Misc(IE, stuff and things, things and stuff)

Dark_X's squiggly line of Game Making
Spoiler :
As a game maker you're playing God. So a self defined universe is created. These creations affect the lives of people. Every creation has something in common with it's creator, with this a family can be made. Eventually creations will be contested against each other. These battles can linger for years. The winner gets all the fame. The loser is cast out from the Godly plain. If left alone a creation will slowly die of natural causes. Of course a creation can grow from others willing to feed it, and even make it bigger than it's very creator.
I hope you can survive without our guidance Vanni! Good luck out there in the university, in the meantime.
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Well, I fixed the "lack of hardware" problem.
Now to think of the rest.

-G. Ungaretti, Mattino

Spoiler: Stuff that may or may not be interesting

Spoiler: Remember this:
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