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Full Version: MLP : Digital Card Game
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Official Website Post:;topicseen

Required to play: OCTGN card game client, and the 3 mlpccg downloads(1 for programmings, 2 for images.)

On behalf of it's creator, Age(Masterage/Blitzerage), I'm very happy to announce this game is in a fully playable,functioning, and open(It was closed for a few months) state.

The main objective of the game is to win(of course), in a race style. Commonly by earning 10 Apples(basic card cost) or lowering the rival's deck to 0 cards. There are also cards that add in more win conditions, like Elements Combined [spoiler][Image: c0mZ6Qh.png][/spoiler] No, you cannot kill ponies in this game.

I eagerly await to talk to you guys about it in the chat or in-game!
Such a long time I haven't played the game.

Nice to see you again Dark_X :3
You may know me as exKira from before ;3

So many things to do nowadays.
Ooooh... Heh, the game is dead... Not quite a C&D, but close enough so he abandoned it and went on to perfect his card game designs. Some people on that forum(me) still have the game, so I may make a private download or something for it. But for now, I must enjoy my new internet!
I have this game installed too (thanks to Dark).
We need to do more matches.