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Full Version: My Little Time Killer: An Experimental Text Game
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If gamers play games to kill time, then what would happen if gamers play a game where the objective is to kill time?  Well my friends I give you "My Little Time Killer": a perpetual work-in-progress where you play as a stallion who is field-testing a prototype lunar habitat along with four other mares.  The objective is simple:  Occupy yourself for a random # of days until the return shuttle arrives to pick you ponies up.

The graphics are non-existent because it's a text adventure programmed in Quest.  But unlike a lot of text-adventures (that I have seen), I gave "My Little Time Killer" a map screen, a military-style clock with day and night functions, a cooking system, a holodeck, and a store.

Here's the link for anypony who is interested:

a sandbox text adventure?

plus one stallion and 4 mares... if a certain activity is missing from this i demand a patch.
If you're talking about a lunar space walk then you're outta luck because I, in all my story-telling genius can't find a good reason for the Lone Stallion to walk on the moon.

ALSO, I've halted development on this game in favor of another game I'm making that is an RPG-style adventure that I plan to reveal in-detail soon...
(07-13-2013, 11:06 AM)Entropic Pen Wrote: [ -> ]If you're talking about a lunar space walk 

is that what the cool kids call it these days?
Yes</sarcasm>, and I knew what you were thinking, and my official response:  I can't and won't.

Can't because I promised fans that I would work on "Welcome to Dream Valley"

Won't because of public image and personal disposition on the act of pony porn.  Bronies are mostly looked down upon because everyone thinks we watch My Little Pony to masturbate to it.  And adding stallion-on-mare bedroom action will just prove their point.  Plus, if I were to add sexual content and one of the moderators found out about it:

A)  I would get my account deleted and have "My Little Time Killer" taken down
- or -
B) "My Little Time Killer" would be sent to the adult section, which is exclusive to members of