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Originally made these for Legends of Equestria, however they didn't seem interested in them.  If you get bored, and have some free time come take a look, or not, doesn't matter to me.  Just credit me if you do please. xD

Game Name: Invasion - Changling
Class: Any
Type: 2D
View: Side View
About: The changling invasion has started.  It's up to you and all your fellow changlings to get out there and help collect as much love as you can to strengthen your army! The only problem is you're still just a young changling, and are still in-experienced with your abilites.  In this platform puzzle game, you go around several of the equestrian maps, collecting all the love you can without being noticed by the other ponies.  The goal of each level is to collect all the love you can, while optionally collecting all the bonus items, and while trying not to be caught.  
Your score is based on how long it takes you to complete each level, how many times you've been spotted, how many additional items you collect, and based on how many hearts you collect in total.  You don't need to collect all the hearts in a level to complete it; Nor do you need all the additional items to complete a level.  
At first you aren't given any of your changling abilities and only have the power to jump and to hide behind certain areas.  As you progress through the game however you will be given additional abilities, which are designed to help you through more of the advanced levels.  Upon beating a level you may go back to it at any given point, through the main menu.  This rule also applies to each of the sections, you may select each level individually or you can play each level by section; Each section contains 5-6 Levels.  Once you beaten the game you will unlock [Challenge Mode] In this mode you simply have to beat all of the levels without stopping, and you are scored on the whole.   Also i will post all the additional abilities, and their functions your changling can earn below.   
Leaderboard: Each level individually has several different leaderboards, expanding from [Most Points - Lowest Time - Least Spots - and Overall].  Leaderboards are also placed on each section, and their is even a leaderboard that adds up all your records together.  Lastly their is also one for challenge mode.  
Scoring: Each of the following levels are timed based, and at the start of each level you are given a set amount of invisible time points.  These points continue to go downwards as the timer slowly goes up, and as such you rewarded a set amount of points depending on how long it takes you to complete each level.  However each level also has a "Based Completion time" This is the time that you must complete the level before you start losing points.
Hearts are your main system of scoring, each one earning you around 250 Points each.  Additional items will reward you around 1500 Points each, and will probably earn you the highest amount of points, but are not required to finish the level.  You lose around 1000 points each time you are caught, and each time you're caught you are sent back to your last checkpoint, or back to the beginning of the level.
Additional Rewards: 
Complete Heart: Upon collecting all of the hearts in a level you are given bonus points, and will even receive bonus in-game items if you collect all the hearts and set amount of levels.  
Black Heart: This item is rewarded to your in-game inventory upon completing a level below it's base time, and without being spotted.  You can also earn another "Black Heart" by collecting all the items on the level.  Lastly you can earn one last additional "Black Heart" By finding the hidden black heart on each level.  These hearts can be used outside of game to exchange for additional bonus items.
Clock: Generally hidden behind crafts, and inside barrels.  These clocks will reward you by removing some of your time, and can be very helpful for people trying to complete each level in the fastest time possible.
Abilities & Functions
Jump: [Key: Up Arrow] Allows the user to jump up a certain distance.  This ability can be used at any given time.
Movement:[Key: Left Arrow, Right Arrow] Move back and fourth and left to right.  This ability can be used at any given time.
Crouch: [Key: Down Arrow] Holding the down arrow will allow the character to crouch and dunk for cover, which can be used to avoid certain characters.   When this action is used next to a bush the player will actually hide inside of it.  
Push: [Key: Q + Right or Left Arrow] This allows the changling to push certain objects such as crafts, pots, barrels, and ramps.  Crafts are used to help you reach high areas, given their high heights.  Pot's can be pushed above a pony's head to knock them out.  Barrels are used to scare ponies away from the area, and ramps are used to launch barrels up to high locations.  Portals 
Glide: [Key: Up Arrow + D] Allows the player to glide a certain distance using their wings.  
Transform: [Key: W] The changlings transforms into another player for a short amount of time.  However you are unable to move while transformed, given that you are still a young changling. 
Bite: [Key: A] The changling bites at a barrel, or chest breaking them open and revealing the content that is inside.  Even later on you are given items Called "Iron Bite" It uses the same command, and gives the user the ability to break through rocks in three bites. 
Screech: [Key: E] The changling makes a loud screeching noise which will alert guards towards the area.  
Enter: [Key: Enter] Certain areas on the map can be entered to reach another part of the city or town.  Doors way, and pathways you can enter will have an enter key floating above them.  Certain doors will be locked however, and others cannot be climbed around until the objects in front of them are destroyed.
Blaster [Key: S] The changling releases a Green beam of magic out of there horn.  This can be used to activate portal, move pots, and can be used to activate certain objects. 
Collect: [Key: C] Certain objects can be picked up and used.  Such as keys, Switches/Levers, Buttons, Small Crates, springs, and Potions.  Each will help you get through doors, and other will help you find secret areas.  You can hold up to 3 items at a time, and you can select these items at any given time by pressing [1 - 2 - 3].
Use/Place: [Key: Space] After selecting an item with the keys [1 - 2 - 3] The changling will hold the item in their mouth.  At this time you simply just need to press space near a door, or a wall to place down a level or to open a door.  The same works for the small crates, and springs, but they will just be placed on the ground in-front of you.  The potions will either be used on you to extend your transformation time, or thrown out at any object to make it change or to confuse a persons senses.

Event Name: Volcanic Path
Class: All
Type: 3D
View: Birdseye
Variation One: In this hot celebration we play the traditional "Summer Sun Celebration" game where two teams of 7 players battle amongst one another on the field as they try to knock the other players into the multiple forming gaps that appear around the floors on the map.  These holes are control from the two control players on the outside of the map, the control players use the switches on the outside of the map to open and close pockets.  But when one pocket is opened another one is closed, the players can open up three holes at a time and can close an infinite amount of holes at any given time.  When a hole is placed on a field the spot will light up for 1.5 seconds before it opens up.  

Variation Two: In this hot celebration we play the traditional "Summer Sun Celebration" game where 16 players play on a molten platforms.  The platforms are constantly changing falling down and coming back up again, the game is simply the player must survive as long as possible on the molten field before eventually falling into the water below.  The last one standing on the platform is the winner, players can use tactics to mess up other players as standing on one platform for a certain amount of time will make that platform drop down sooner then a platform that had no one on it recently.  ((Based off of spleef - But in a solo version))  ((This can also be played in multiplayer if you truly wanted to make the game to be preformed like that.  By simply making it a survival and time based game.  By placing obstacles and random computer players on the map))

Game Name: Sunrise
Class: Unicorn
Type: 3D
View: Direct
Variation One: A Crisis has happened the sun has gone out! It's up to you and the unicorns all around the world to use your magic to once again give the sun it's power back! In this game you and 2 - 8 other players use your magic to create miniature suns to help towards bringing back the sun.  The player or team with the biggest total "Mini-Sun" win the event and a prize.  This event is a global based event and each time a person makes a mini-sun it is added to the total size of the sun, which is all added up at the end of the event.  Rewards for this event will also be given out at certain size marks.  

Game Name: Summer Splash
Class: Earth
Type: 2D
View: Birdseye
Variation One: A Crisis has happened the sun has gone out! Now it's time for the earth ponies to help out because without the sun the plants are starting to die! In this mini-game you are placed over various farm locations and are given several units of solidified "Sun" that the unicorns created.  In this game you run around the farm placing the lights above the wilting plants before they die to help keep them alive.   The only problem is the lights don't last forever and they only have a limited life span before they die out, just keep as many plants alive as you can and collect as much fruit and food as you can in the meantime as you complete each of the levels collecting as much food as you can before another earth pony goes and takes your shift.

Game Name: Enlightened Delivery 
Class: Pegasus
Type: 3D
View: Normal
Variation One: A Crisis has happened the sun has gone out! Now it's time for the Pegasus to get out there and help! All around Equestria things have gotten dark and people are having trouble seeing where they are going! Using pieces of the solidified "Sun" you must go from city to city helping light up the streets of  equestria.   This game is rather simple you just simply deliver each of the solidified "Sunlight" to each of the players around the maps before the timer runs out and each time you are scored on how long it takes you to get there.  ((Crazy Taxi - Also similar to another mini-game i made from the valentines event.))

Game Name: Mail
Class: All
Type: 2D
View: Birdseye
Variation One: A Crisis has happened the sun has gone out, and we need additional help all around equestria! Grab some of the solidified "Sun" and lets get to work! In this mini-game you are placed in front of several different mailboxes each with different names above them "Ponyville - Manehatten - Canterlot - Etc" you must quickly throw the solidified chunks of "Sunlight" into each of the following mailboxes depending on how they are marked.  This starts out easy, but gets harder as time goes on and more places need to be quickly delivered.  ((Inspired by a mini-game in Legend of Zelda.  If you're a windwaker fan you'll know which one.))

Event Name: Snow Clearing
Class: All
Type: 2D
View: Third Person
Details:Spring is finally here and it's up to you to help clear the fields of equestria, grab your snowplow and get to work!  The goal of this game is to simply move around different fields clearing out all the snow, while constantly running.  Each level is different, but mainly you are just set on a basic open field with "NPC" ponies and animals.  Each "NPC" will move back and fourth along a set area, and if you run into them you will lose points a small snow-pile will appear around the area where you collided with the "NPC" causing you to lose a-lot of points and valuable time.  Some maps will also have borders, you cannot go over a border and running into them will cause you to lose points, and a small amount of piled snow.  
You're scored based on how long it takes you to successfully clear out all the snow in a level, and you are also scored based on how much snow you clear in rapid succession without moving back onto ground you've already cleared.  The main goal of the game is to avoid the obstacles and calculate/find the most time efficient snow plowing route to get your job done.

Event Name: Caretaker
Class: All
Type: 2D
View: First Person
Details: Spring has finally appear in equestria! Spread the good news, and quietly wake up the animals from their slumber.   In this first person game you are given a pile of equipment/objects, you can use each of these objects and various different ways depending on how you choose to place them around the animals holes, the main idea of the game though is to build several contraptions that will result in waking up all the animals in the fastest amount of time without heavily disturbing them.  You are scored on how well each of the animals wake up from your contraptions along with how long it takes you to build each one, along with how many parts you use during each of the contraptions, more moving parts with a soft wake up can result in huge points! The softer the wake up the more points you'll get, and each animal does have it's own preference of how it prefers to be woken, though not waking them up at all will result in huge point loss.  Basically it's just a fun game of building that allows the user to be as creative as they desire.

Event Name: Iceliner
Class: All
Type: 2D
View: Third Person
Details: Spring has finally appear in equestria, and it's up to you to melt the ice! But a problem has occurred many things have blown over and the ice is now covered and rocks and logs! This event is actually based off of the pokemon ice sliding physics.  Each level you are presented with a new puzzle on a different frozen lake, your goal is to simply use the rocks and other obstacles to figure out how to slide across one side of the ice pond to the other.  It's your basic puzzle game, and isn't actually a unique idea.  But overall is still a fun idea in the end.  I was originally going to make the ice one a game where you have to skate on the ice making different pictures to help cut the ice up, or even have it so that you have to slide down different pathways of the ice that it has marked for you.  But wasn't certain if those would be as much fun as this one.

Mini-Game: Stormy Puzzle
This fun little cloud game was actually inspired by the seventh episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship is magic" during the episode you see several Pegasus setting up all the rain clouds for a rainy day.  Each level of this mini-game starts you off on top of a single storm cloud with another Pegasus standing with you, this Pegasus only job is to simply explain to the user how the game is supposed to work, and the main cloud is basically just the main connecting point of each levels puzzle.  The general idea behind the game is actually rather simple.  During each level the player is given several different cloud pieces to work with all in different sizes and shapes, the player simple must move the clouds into the right location connecting them all from the main clouds location so there are no holes in the cloud layer.  The simple way to check if there are no holes is if the cloud piece actually fuses with the other piece or by looking at the clouds shadows on the ground.  Basically the puzzle is complete when the area that is highlighted on the ground is completely covered in the shadows from the clouds.  Overall a rather simple idea for a game, and honestly not that hard as there would probably be several different ways to solve each puzzle.  The game also has many different possibilities, and changes that could be made if the idea is impossible.  Such as having all the cloud pieces in the players inventory with all there different shapes, would make it quite a-bit easier for the user as they would be able to distinguish the shape directly from the start, and wouldn't actually have to move the pieces around creating less lag in general.

Mini-Game: Cloud Buck:
The goal in this game is for the Pegasus to fly around and destroy all the clouds in the sky, each level is timed given you a set amount of time to complete each of the levels.  Bonus time is awarded when the player destroys a storm cloud, and that bonus time can even be multiplied to a certain extent.  This is done through the multiplication process in the game, when the player destroys one cloud they gain a 1x point multiplier but if they destroy another time in 2 - 3 seconds of that cloud the player's point multiplier goes up to a set value of 2x and the trend continues to 3x to 4x all the way to it's max total of 20x.  The max time multiplication a player can get though is only 10x and this is set for obvious reasons.  The multipliers in the game just give users a more competitive mode to the game as they try to beat their old records by planning out each of there bucks to be the fastest possible. 
The game would also have several simple challenges such as earning a certain amount of points in a level and some that even involve not touching the storm clouds, or to complete a level not using your flight boost.  Completing several of these challenges can unlock bonus levels among other prizes, but generally the way to unlock a level is to simply beat a level and earning enough points to earn a 3rd place ribbon.  I'd imagine the game would have to be put in a lock-on format though opposed to the movement engine the game actually uses to give it better feel to the game.  The lock-on function works rather simply you start off on your main cloud you simply lock-on a cloud and you jump towards it either using your flight boost towards it or not, then you simply click the buck button and the cloud is destroyed then you look towards another cloud in your locked place and boost towards that one, and you just continuously do that.  

Mini-Game: Sonic Boom
Inspired by the 2d game, and slightly modified for the 3d world.   (Forgot the name) In this game you play as your 3D Pegasus the game has a rather simplistic view as you are just simply looking directly behind your character as they are speeding fast through the sky.  You have a small environment of movement but you are still able to move "Up - Down - Left - Right" at decent speeds.  The character job is to simply break all the white clouds they can while avoiding other randomly generated objects such as the Pegasus and storm clouds.  You are given 10 health points and the ability to use "Mega dash" which allows you to break through storm clouds with a 5 use point.  Every 20 clouds you break though will award you with another "Mega Dash" so you'll have to use them wisely as they are rather useful given that breaking a storm cloud with one actually gives a good amount of points, so it pays to use the "Mega Dash" option when two or three storm clouds are next to each other.  
The player is awarded points from breaking clouds, and storm clouds.  The smaller the cloud the more points it is worth, but be careful as you do lose quite a-bit of points and health when you run into another Pegasus.  The game goes on for however long you survive in it and each level is just randomly generated so you don't have to worry to much.  There are rewards based on how much distance you traveled and for how much points you gathered.  Anti-cheating measures would be rather simple too, simply make it so that if a player hasn't destroyed an "X" amount of clouds in a "X" amount of time, more storm clouds will start to appear making it more and more difficult on the player, unless they start breaking an "X" amount of clouds in an "X" amount of time again.  

Mini-Game: Cloud Roundup
One of my few ideas that actually involve a multiplayer option in this game you are able to play with up to a total of three of your friends.  The goal of this game is to simply go through all the wacky levels and to grab and push all the clouds you can to your side of the field.  Many obstacles will be in the ways such as buildings and among other things that make it slightly harder, and gives the player more coverage.  You can stop your friend from grabbing a cloud by using your "flight boost" option towards them, which will cause them to become dizzy, and make them drop there cloud.  You also have the option to kick a storm cloud which will making lightning fire out of it, if another player is nearby it will cause them to be scared and drop below the level, putting them back at there spawn point.  But when you kick a storm cloud it also breaks it, so be careful.   
But much like the other games i have mentioned you only have a certain amount of times you can use the boost option in each round of the game.  Each clouds point is dependent on the type of cloud a player grabs along with its size.  Obviously the larger the cloud the more points it going to be worth, but at the same time it makes the cloud harder to push around too.  Best way to move a large cloud is actually by using the "flight boost".  Storm clouds are also worth more points, and the randomly appearing rainbow clouds are probably worth the most.  The game simply ends when the time runs out.  Also don't worry a giant arrow would always be pointing to where your base is, so it's actually rather hard to get lost. 

Name: Parasprite Mayhem
Class Type: Unicorn
Details: Invading parasprites from the everfree forest are threatening the life of ponyville citizens! In this game it's up to you to stop their mayhem before ponyville gets overtaken.  The character starts on a small piece of land in front of the everfree forest, the parasprites come from three different directions (North west - North - North East) you use the arrow keys to (Left & Right) To move from one side to another to reach the parasprites.  Using the (Up & Down) Key simply extends the players magic to go through (One - Three) Enemies to help the user break down lineups faster which can be used tactically as you please but using a (Resistance element) On a parasprite will cause it to become a black parasprite.  A black parasprite can be defeated by any element but will give the player one of three (Negative Abilites) 
Each parasprite comes out in a different colour which represents one of the magical elements, the characters job is to switch between the six magical types (Keys: Q - W - E - A - S - D) using them to banish the parasprite away before it reaches ponyville.  There is also Colourless Parasprites they can be destroyed by any of the (six elements); Along with being easily destroyed they will also reward the player with one of (Five) Random Abilities.  An Ability can be used at any give time using the (Key: 1 - 2 - 3) but you may only hold up to abilites making stock piling an overall bad idea.  There are four different Difficulties (Easy - Medium - Hard - Challenge - Colorless) each which challenge you differently according to there mode, and each one would have it's own leaderboard, you can find more about each mode below.   Overall: The simple goal of the game is to go as long as you can in your hopes to set a new record in time and in points.

1 - Force Field: Creates a protective forcefield around the players body for 45 seconds the barrier will either break when it hits the time limit or upon being hit by 3 parasprites.
2 - Elemental Beam: The character magic is given an enhancement turning the players magic into a white beam.  Any parasprite hit by the white beam will be instantly banished no matter there element but they cannot extend their magic.  Duration: 30 seconds.
3 - Discharge: The character releases a giant white light from there body that destroy all incoming parasprites on the field for 5 seconds.
4 - Time: The character slows down all parasprites time for 30 seconds. 
5 - Bonus: For 45 seconds every parasprite destroyed by normal means gives the player double amount of points.
Negative Abilities: 
1 - Speed: All parasprites on the map will fly 1.5x faster for a duration of 25 seconds.
2 - Reduced: For 45 Seconds every parasprite destroyed gives the player half as many points.
3 - Refresh: Removes all the players current abilities.

Easy: Slower speeds, more abilities, and shorter waves.
Normal: Normal
Hard: Faster Speeds, normal amount of abilities, and harder waves.
Challenge: All abilities are removed and the game is set at normal.
Colourless: You are given a permanent version of the white beam allowing you to destroy all incoming parasprites without having to switch between the elements, but all parasprites move at a much higher speed.

Name: Roundup
Class Type: Earth
Details: All the animals have escaped their pens and are running rampent around the farm, it's up to you to stop the chaos and herd them all back to their pens! You simply using the keys to walk towards the animals to direct them towards their pens, and you must find all the animals around the farm before the time runs out.  You can also use sprint which will push them towards their pen faster but if you use it for to long the animal might become scared and actually do the opposite and run away from you instead.  If you want to make it even more challenging you can even make it so the player has to collect random foods around the area and hold it in their mouth to help lure the animal towards the pen.
(Timed Mode) In time mode you are given the same circumstances but this time you are just trying to collect as many animals into the pen as you can before the time runs out.  All animals are randomly generated and each given different amount of points depending on what kind of animal it is and some (Gold) animals will actually give you more time, and (Rainbow) Animals will give you 4x more points.  Herding more then 3 animals into a pen at a time will also give you bonus points, and time.  
Multiplayer Settings: Each player is given a pen, and whoever has the most animals in there pen at the end of the game wins.  You can use many limited abilities to stop your friends from herding in animals such as (Hoof stomp) which scares away the animal they are currently trying to lure in.  Along with sprinting at the animal they are trying to herd inside there gate, this will take their animal from them and now make them follow you.

Name: Everfree Escape
Class Type: Any
Details: You have gotten lost in the everfree forest and you keep hearing howling in the distances, your fears are met when you run into a group of three timberwolves who now see you as a tasty snack, you must hurry now and escape the everfree forest before they catch up to you!  (3D) The game is rather simple you are started out in a randomly generated everfree forest where you are in a constant run state you can use the keys (Left & Right) To move towards your left and right for a certain distance for the main point though you just have to use your speed to avoid the trees, and you use the (Up) Key to jump over logs while using the (Down) Key to quickly slide under branches.  Each time you hit an object you lose Health, and speed.  You lose the game when you run out of health, and or if you slow down enough.  You can gain more speed by timing your jumps right by jumping over objects directly before hitting them; This will also reward you with bonus points.  You can gain more health by picking up random (Zap Apples) You find floating all acrossed the map, and also floating acrossed the map are coins which give you points, and lastly their are (Cakes) around the map that when you pick them up you gain more stamina.  
Multiplayer Settings: A multiplayer system for this one would to be just simply to have all four characters racing together towards the finish line in the everfree forest using the map to your advantage and collecting the randomly generation items before your friends do to gain more speed, and the first one to escape the everfree forest is the winner.
Invasion - Changeling sounds rather nifty... Although I'm biased towards anything where you get to be a changeling. Will have to think about.
I shall look into this.
I appreciate the compliments.  If you're wondering why some of the games seem weird, and out of place, this is because I originally designed these games for certain events.  Such as Changling Invasion, Hearts and hooves day, Winter wrap up, and etc.  I'm willing to work with anyone who is interested in the ideas, and i'm willing to share any of my other ideas, to anyone who is interested.