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Full Version: Anyone play the Total War games?
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I'm a big fan of Total War, and do a good bit of modding on those games, so I was excited to see the new Alpha footage for Rome 2. I even made a First impressions video that shows off whats new and different Tongue
I have them all, but the later ones I played less. I love Shogun the first and the expansion on the first Medieval (?) that let you play on just Great Britain in more depth. Recently played Shogun 2, but cheated beyond belief so I can't really say I gave it the playthrough it deserved, but wanted a quick sense of god like rule.

So saying that... I'm actually really excited for the new one, mainly so I can give it a proper go, I felt let down by Medieval II but Crusaders King II has filled my crazy politics and kingly decisions. So look forward to revisiting Rome. Though I could do with more Celts.
Heh, my hopes are that the Romans arnt as godlike overpowered as they were in Rome 1, because if so then the multiplayer will be terrible xD

Though, I did get a laugh out of them having a morale and attack of 50, along with an armor stat of 60 (which I showed off in my video* Tongue
surely a pony mod exists.
I haven't seen one, it might be hard since the models and animations are really high quality.

There was a big pony(I don't say the B-word) fanbase for this game at one point in time though.