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Full Version: downloading flash games
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always had a horrid time trying to download mango's flash games because its never so simple as him providing a link to download.

had to get minty fresh adventure through a lucky find.

how the heck do I download minuette vs tardiness with the level editor.

it should be a simple download of an swf file like always... but I've never worked out how its done.

I googled it but the methods given are either outdated or just plain don't work.
Are you using the view-source, get swf link, save swf method?
that tends to be rather difficult in finding the right swf file

and the url just ends up saving as a webpage.

apparently theres a method in firefox but all the tips on it don't match the current interface of firefox
Are you sure? I was able to download both the game and the editor using that method

(Well not really, more like a variation of that method xD)
well I can tell the file is called ppp4.swf

I can't seem to find the actual url that points it.

just an embedding code.
If you only see values like "something.swf" and no actual link, you append it to the website containing the game.

For example, the game is in "" and you found "game.swf", it would be in

Meaning that ppp4.swf is in

(The editor,, is in a different swf though)
okay... i thinks it makes sense now.