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Full Version: Creativity Questions
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I am recently working on am RPG platformer. I have many enemies programmed in, and the gravity scripts (and wall detection) are done. Before I can move on, I have two questions.
What should I make the main character be?
Story; Plot?
Main character should be... Rarity. We don't see much staring her now do we?

Story... Can't help you there much. I can critic, but not really create one.
EDIT: But if you don't mind absurd ideas; Princess Cadance is kidnapped and taken to a castle by forces unknown. A ransom of 50,000,000 bits is given, an absurd amount that the only pony who can pay this from out of nowhere is the Gem finding Unicorn, Rarity. The quest to find enough gems takes you far and wide around the the kingdom of Hyrule Equestria, encountering foes most would simply run from. Also includes a karma decision where you can sell the Elements of Harmony! Wink