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Full Version: Something I'll set aside for later
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Basically want to create a cool beat'em up that isn't ponies.

But until I'm done with my current projects and hopefully when you guys are done.

I wanna get into making this game.


ZOMG: Offline.

with a super smash ponies feel with the combo and controls and with he control scheme of rbo.

And a custom game system inspired by castlevania and zomg itself.

And yes... I noticed the gaians are pretty dense. I'm not doing it for them. I want to make this for my enjoyment and yours too.

Because despite the flaws, I really did like zomg. So I want to make a game with only the good parts of the game and some of my flair for "improving things"

But yeah... not really gonna bother with it until I get decent third party support. Otherwise it'll just be a good idea that'll go no where because I ain't going through hell just to make a game that'll get bitching from a bunch of whining dense teenagers.

At least most bronies are gracious. by stereotype at least.