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Full Version: Sonic 06 Review By ClementJ642
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I'm NOT kidding.....This is a Multi-Parter Review of The Worst Sonic Game Ever.
I didn't do it,ClementJ642(Or just Clement) done it.
Also,YES,he likes Dr.Eggman! Of course he'll be shocked at the new design they gave him for 06!
meh... its way too easy to riff 06.

bad games are for people who can't review properly.

Dat Silver glitch... Ugh... then there's like a superman 64 mini-game thing for the missions.
Oh god.
sonic generations feels really awkward to use.

I mean the jumps don't seems floaty enough and they tend to be slightly too short.

Plus the movement controls aren't that responsive.

E.g. sonic's air dash move sucks here. for one thing the lock on is pretty freaking irritating since it locks on random things and the air dash is actual slow!

plus the ring physics are all screwed up
There was once a Sonic 1 Port by Sega on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. It was called Sonic Genesis.
It was released at the SAME day as Sonic 06. Does that mean it's bad? Oh god yes.
Before his review of Sonic 06,The Great Clement takes a look at The Worst Sonic 1 Port Ever.

check it out pika

New sonic indie game!
(02-14-2013, 06:01 AM)Ceresbane Wrote: [ -> ]

check it out pika

New sonic indie game!
When I gone to the page and saw,I just close the page. I saw many videos of this creepypasta,I know it's Sonic.EXE,I always don't get scared by it.
Sonic 06 Silver Boss Fight Glitches Done By TrueBlue471


Note:Bad Language in Video,WATCH IN CAUTION.

i want sonic riders on xbox live.
(02-28-2013, 04:52 AM)Ceresbane Wrote: [ -> ]i want Sonic Riders on Xbox Live.
You know? I remember when I was young,I had a Nintendo GameCube. I remember one of my first Sonic games I ever played was Sonic Riders,I wasn't able to beat the story when I go to a point in a race and it was very hard....I didn't gotten all the courses and characters for Multiplayer! In fact,all the time I played the game,me and my brother(ShinxEevee) and sister(SkittyEevee) have played a lot of Survival Battle. The first Sonic game that introduced me to the series was Sonic Adventure 2 Battle,the updated version of Sonic Adventure 2 for the Sega Dreamcast. I remember we have played in the Chao Garden a lot,I had a Chao named Eggy,a Normal Dark Chao(Cause I used Rouge The Bat a lot since I loved her) that wear a Egg Shell before it evolved. I remember that I had to throw the egg to take him out of it. He had a evil smile when he hatched(Or should I say....Thrown). I still remember after a long time......All of my games I had plus my GameCube were traded,if I can remember correctly.....But only 1 game was still with me after all this time......And that was Kirby Air Ride,the first Kirby game I ever played and my introduction to the Kirby series...I still have it,a bit scratched on some bits,but I still remember the times I did in the game.....I played this game a lot and the only thing that made me and my brother and sister keep playing it was that checklist......Oh that checklist,I also keep playing it to unlock King Dedede,my favorite character next to Kirby and I had to keep doing City Trial and hope that the Stadium Event after those random events(Fuck that event with every Star being in very top speed and that other event where power-ups are sometimes fake,event with every item box having the same item included) in the City,that all of us go up against King Dedede. Said to be the hardest event ever! We have tried so hard,but almost every time,we fail....Either all of us died or time is up.
But now I don't think I should talk about those stupid times with that event......
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