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Full Version: The most ambitious project
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Looks cool.

We probably will die before it's complete, but I hope it's going to be an awesome game.

Apparently, if I share this link, I get a referral to get the beta.

As cool of an idea as this is, I can't help but notice some issues with it.

1. It seems awfully redundant. Simulating life to that detail would be kinda boring in my opinion. I don't know about you, but I play games for the experiences I can't have in real life. I didn't see any mention of fantasy and unreal elements presented there. Just picking apples and stuff. If I really wanted to pick apples that much I would go outside and do it. Raising an army would be cool I guess, but that brings me to point 2.

2. Player cooperation would be awful. I'm not sure how many people you'll get to actually create an army to follow you. It works in real life, but without the threat of real death most people would just dick around all the time. Why would they join an army and fight when they can just go around setting people on fire or something that's more fun? Plus thievery would be everywhere. Again, without real life consequences there would be no order. Good luck trying to actually raise an army or start a village or something. Maybe if you die you can't respawn? Then just go create another character.

3. Like you said, it's crazy ambitious. Unless they've been working on this for the last 30 years or something it seems it won't actually be available for a good long while. And even then, they couldn't perfectly simulate life.

Sorry if I sound like a downer right now, but this game doesn't seem like it would be that great. Ambitious, absolutely. Impressive and awe-inspiring, definitely. But functional and fun? Not yet convinced.
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oh god where do i even begin...

pretty much everything fearlessPie said.

also if it was ever completed....

thank you for your purchase!

*install now*

0 GB out of 1200 TB complete, estimate download time: 2.2 years
so... basically a mmo fallout.

and like fallout everyone is gonna kill and loot each other. it won't be a simulation of life. it would just escalate into a giant PK/pvp game.

alot of the features would simply not be used.
Looking at the youtube comments, noone was very convinced.
Interested, yes, but not really hyped.
Same for me. While it's interesting to see where this will go, I doubt it would be a success.
Simulate life, I've always dreamed of that. But I thought, how laggy it would be, how much data, how many 'if' functions, how many actions you'd have to hit, just to eat a taco. So no. Not on my list. There'd have to be massive AI or massive learning curve.
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