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Full Version: CoolRainbow want's to say hi to everypony
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Hello everypony, my name is Cool Rainbow (or on some sites my name is 'coolrainbow20')

I am a 21 y/o Brony who lives in Switzerland, original moved from Germany.
I am a hobby game developer who develops a pony themed video game in Unity

Here are some Videos of my Pony Game: (starting from the oldest to the newest)


My favourite Pony is Rainbow Dash
[Image: medium.png]

View on Derpibooru - Original source
My favourite Fanfiction is My Little Dashie

My main Language is German but I also can speak English and some other languages (see my profile for these)

I found this Site through and that through

And Brohoof to y'all /)
Heyo! Welcome!

The forum might seem inactive, but for the most part it's because new posts are very sporadic. It just takes so much to make games, and often there's nothing worth posting about...
Not to mention when nothing wants to work properly.

The videos you linked are nice, I hope you'll keep working on that.

Well, have fun!

Thank you very much Vanni

And /)

You might consider taking some inspiration from Minecraft and give your ponies ears and a nose/snout that project outward from the face with a little more pronounced texture/art for the nostrils, mouth, ear hole etc. Similarly making the body into three cubes instead of two might make the walking motion a tad more realistic. The mane and tail could also be made modestly more substantial and have some applied art to convey the sense of hair strands.

Otherwise that's looking pretty good for a start, although it is very blocky. Hope to see more. If possible you should add some background music, environmental tracks, or ambient sounds (horse hoof noises when walking, wind blowing, etc). A world without sound is rather disconcerting to humans that can hear.
Welcome! Welcome!
Just as what Vanni said, posts here tend to be very sporadic.
Even my own time schedule is so unbelievably busy ^^;

But I hope you enjoy your stay.

P.S. Cool game Wink Can't wait to see more!
Thank you everypony for your replies...

@Wishdream - Thanks for the welcome..

@Stormy - I will do something like that if I have the time...
(My spare time for developing a game like this is not too large... I've got other stuff to do as well...)