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Hello fellow devs and the MLP fans!

I'm saddened to see MyLittleGameDev be as inactive as it is, with many people leaving, not very many posts garnering the attention they deserve, and the lack of users means lack of supporters and possibly even motivation to work on a project that no one is possibly going to see.

Seeing as MLGD is practically the only pony-related gamedev-prominant forums, it's a bit hard to share your work around a (sadly) near-radio silent website.
Which is why I've created a Discord server with a main focus on sharing your pony games, music, art, videos, animations, writing pieces, and whatever else you might have in store to show off.

[Image: ZXAGMX6.png]

As of this post, we have 30+ members, most of which come from EquestriaGaming (and some from /r/MLPLounge).
Everfree Games may be gamedev-focused, however, this does not mean other forms of content creation is any less welcome!
The main purpose of the server is to get your projects out there, to show off what you can do, to garner feedback or give some of your own.

Even if you're not a content creator, that doesn't mean you can't join in on the fun! Game developers need playtesters, artists need critiques, animators need viewers, musicians need listeners, writers need readers, and so on.

Everfree Games is also for those who just want to talk to or hang out with fellow content creators and pony fans alike. We have 4 voice channels for any use, a bot that allows you to choose from a list of roles to have, and a showcase for moderators to hang your work up for all to see! (We also have 2 NSFW channels just in case someone needs them. All is welcome here, provided it's in the right channel!)

Just know, this server is not intended to be a replacement for MLGD or anything else. I merely wanted a place for people to share their work, get feedback in realtime, etc. Forums shine when it comes to long-term communication, organization, and preservation. Real-time chat places are not so keen those. I am aware that MyLittleGameChat exists, however, it requires you to sign up. Discord is a huge service that many people already have and use on a daily basis on both browsers and the main client.

In short, if you'd like to share your works, give or get feedback on various things, hang out with fellow pony fans and content creators, and more, check out!

Hope to see you there!