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Full Version: My magic sounds will heal your wounds ^0^
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Just want you to know if you need some creative sound stuff (whether it is music, sound design, dialog editing or whatever) go ahead and message me. I know how important your projects are and I'll be glad to make them sound cool.
aaand I've got pretty low rates.
Also I can consider rev. share options if you'd like to.
Here's my soundcloud profile
Big Grin
I *would've* asked ya for some help with the music, but that's too cheery-happy for what I have planned.
I dunno, I'll keep you in mind if I ever need something along that alley.
I can compose almost any kind of music (from ambient, drone, post-rock, chill-wave etc. to orchestral stuff). It's just a matter of what a project needs... and often what producer or dev. asks .
In fact I really like to create more serious and atmospheric sounds so you should definitely hit me and we'll figure out smth.
Gooood day boys and girls!

Some updates down here:  Shy
This is my sound replacement demo reel. (All original sounds were replaced by custom music and sound design.)
My soundcloud profile.

I’m looking forward to working with you guys

Skype: suchamesss

Just finished working on the game "Tower of Beauty" (music & sFX)
Here's the gameplay video:

It was fun!
Also check out my another sound replacement reel:
Onward Internet

Looking for projects!
Here's the sound design for the upcoming game Magic Mountains. The work is still in progress.

Once my game gets out of the prototype stage and gets serious, I might be able to check out your sound design work.
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