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Full Version: I write a fiction
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The last few days. I didn't make my game,T write a fiction.

At first, I write a short story. Name 《Twilight fansclub》(《》we call it "book titlr" mark),It's about because Twilight become a princess,then many of cludmenber feel sad then they leave the club. That's come from a ture Story,and I just want to write for myself.

But when I finish it , I think a new story——《Wings of betrayal》It use Twilight fansclub's background. Twilight know the clud and konw what had happen,Then she decide to change back to unicorn. Of coures , Princess Celestia don't let she do that. And Shining armor also will stop her .

《Wings of betrayal》not like the frist story. It has a happy end. and it tell a lot of friendship. I think it a good story and it has been finish, But MY English is not good

well I write it in Chinese. If you don't mind use google translation

I can give you the line :

If I can fine some help. Maybe you can see that in English