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Full Version: Towerfall Ascension (Steam and PS4)
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A one-to-four-player game, very fast paced and best played with controllers, only played locally*!

Trailer video

[spoiler][Image: Backfire.png]
[Image: SunkenCityCornered.jpg]
[Image: FrostfangAftermath.jpg][/spoiler]

What you do in Towerfall:
-Shoot arrows at people
-Jump on people
-Dodge and catch arrows shot by other people
-Get items from chests
(if in Quest mode, replace "people" with "monsters")

You can also unlock some new characters (who all play the same) and new towers. This version is a huge step up from the original Ouya version,
and absolutely worth the price if you have someone to play against.

It doesn't take very long to learn (and even if your skill level is lower that your enemies', you can feel satisfied and still find ways to success).
And yet, the situations and the detail and the way the game builds on basic ideas is INCREDIBLE.

It's a simple game, but oh-so-good. I've had uncounted hours of fun playing against family members,
and I'm hoping to set up some competition in
college if I can get more controllers.

Personally, my favorite character is the Pink Archer, though when teaching someone to play I pick Yellow.
[Image: ac41c1bd-de8c-4ef7-ab2e-fbf43b06205c.png][Image: 441ecc28-7fe6-4df0-9ef4-67e0fd1d874e.png]

I heartily recommend this game to anyone who has either a PS4 or good controllers/gamepads for their computer.
(Note: I prefer a Dualshock 3 with SCPServer to get Windows to recognize it)

Steam store page!

(*In case you're frustrated with the lack of online play, there's a good
reason for it that boils down to this: It simply doesn't work because of
the latency, and the lag, and any lag compensation would make it worse.
This game is very precise and fast-paced and it's very clear where everything is,
where as some games may slower-paced or vague on the
details to cover up compensation.
It's a shame, but that's how it is! Couch play is more fun anyway.)