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Full Version: Ragnarok Online notes
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Mlgd guild/party players
Dark X

Ceresbane character roster

Bogus Focus-Hocus pocus sage used for pet hunting with sub-par combat abilities in hindsight and basic bolter and various pvp anti-skills. Acts as a support by making everyone fire elements and enemies earth. Has envenom with a shove effect. Useless against mobs.

Broken Eros-Simple falcon hunter which relies on auto-falcon and criticals. Uses skills only for boost in dmg. And for supporting other players with detox and cure cards.

St Michael-Hybrid. Mainly acts as semi support and designed ti be flexible fir various situation. Not however designed to be specialised in anything and hence cannot act as a major part of a party tactic but an augmentation. Planned to gain magnum break to help boost mage types and fire type using characters and as a basic aoe anti-mob. Slightly above average mobbing ability however. It also has detox for better anti-status support.

alt account

Not Dork-Brewer alchemist. Mainly built to create supplies to sell to other players and act as a personal bank to the player. Should the build become complete and resources needed to skills be provisioned. This character can act as a very overpowered tho squishy anti-mvp. It does however take a very long time to level up due to its none combat build and lower than priest level of support. The homunculous used however may be invaluable in combat while the alc supports as a secondary healer. Has stone fling for funsies.

Aderusen-Full support priest with all it's abilities in buffs and healing it has no inherent ability in combat. However as a natural tank character soloing is possible though incredibly slow. Plays no offensive role in any party, as its contributions for dmg is negligible when compared to combat orientated classes. Can heal anything, can revive players and provide absolute protection and skill/dmg augmenting buffs.

Mad nin-A magic ninja/oboro. All skills are in charms and ninja magic with little ability in ninja attack skills (that isn't elemental). Has a naturally high cast time for high lvl magic but can act as a good spam type and has very good survivability due to its defensive skills. It also has hide and steal for better variety in role. Major role is a hit and run type character, acting as a scout character to keep track of enemy or monster behaviour. acting as a delaying type support or a clean up type to finish off weaker enemies so focus can move to more prominent characters/monsters.

completely forgot my sage has teleport. Plus all the items needed (barring a few exceptions) for extra class skills require you to be lvl 90.

So... this is an alternate way of arranging skill cards. as follows

Monk-shove poison
sage-heal (if I can ever afford 19 million) and teleport
alchemist-stone thrower-sight (horong card)

magnum break as spare.
Dark X character Roster

Daniel Dark - Hybrid Merchant for combat and acquiring the monies. Aside from being a psychotic axe wielding maniac, the Mammonite skill(Pay enemies to die) and Cart Revolution are on there way to being maxed. Once a blacksmith, will be able to make metals and stuff for refining.
Right equipment notes not mentioned before.

ice fist=poison 2 boa, metaler (silence)
earth fist=confuse, poison, metaller
fire fist=stun
wind=auto cast frozen (ice is weak to wind)
Blessed mink=low chance of blessing
chick hat=double attack (mixes well with combo build and increases status)

fireblend=fire bolt
tomahawk=throw toma (wind)
ice falchion=ice bolt
plan for seeker card to cast stone curse
dark frame card=for auto casting stone.
alchemist gloves to auto cast fire spells.
sweet val=auto bless lvl 10

stun book wen hitting
sleep robes when hit
envenom knockback

auto heal and agi up
chance of curse

need anolian card for auto improve con.

heal + uninterruptable. slow cast time.

i think i spent like 30mil towards this.

right 3 warpers...

Super novice, hunter, rogue-ceres

Priest, gunslinger, sage-cup

Monk, alchemist, ninja-god

quests to do

solo quest (alberta). When 99.

slotted sunglasses need 500k and 50 feathers.

Builds link

shadow chaser

Super Novice

Battle priest
Agility Based:

Heal lvl 10
Divine Protection lvl 5
Increase Agility lvl 10
Blessing lvl 10
Ruwach lvl 1
Teleport lvl 2
Warp Portal lvl 4
Pneuma lvl 1
Aqua Benedicta lvl 1
Angelus lvl 2
Demon Bane lvl 3 (or replace with Decrease Agility lvl 3)


Mace Mastery lvl 10
Impositio Manus lvl 5
Aspersio lvl 5
Gloria lvl 5
Magnificat lvl 3
Kyrie Eleison lvl 10
Sancturay lvl 7(or Max DB)
Lex Divina lvl 1


FS Bishop




soul linker


Stat build

str 20
agi 1
int 110
vit 81
dex 120
luk 81

str 100
agi 6
vit 99
int 100
dex 90
luk 80

Battle priest
str 60
agi 70
vit 50
int 60
dex 40
luk 27

Super novice
str 1
agi 1
vit 60
int 99
dex 72
luk 12

will need expanded build.

int 90
dex 70
vit 70

luk 52?

soul linker
str 90
agi 30
vit 40
int 80
dex 30
luk 3


str 1
agi 60
vit 60
int 50
dex 90
luk 12

shadow chaser
STR: 90+
AGI: 100+
VIT: 50+
INT: 95
DEX: 90
LUK: 1