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Full Version: Battle systems thread
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Just a generic thread about battle systems. A thread type I'm inventing for those with cool ideas (for BATTLE SYSTEMS) but no game to back it up.

Because sometimes, the idea is enough. Attaching a crappy game to it kinda ruins the merit it.

So I guess for copyright faggots. Do note that posting any ideas on this thread means you are consenting for its use. Want to be some glory whore? I command you to go away and suck on something.

They gone? Good.

Now the system I have in mind is a fusion of jade cocoon 2's amulet rotation system and the pokemon battle system.

Now basicall think of a triangle (technically be a hexagon but its easier to understand via visualising a triangle).

On the side, you have two corners. When you select your side, your characters/monsters/whatever attacks. All three. The corner (from now on will be called units) units are there at a supportive capacity, either casting buffs, healing, status effects, adding attacks, etc.

While your SIDE unite is the main unit defending the objective (if it were pokemon, it would the trainer).

Obviously the goal is to attack the objective behind the side unit.

How is this any different to jade cocoon 2? you have three sides instead of four.

why 3? By having 3 sides you are forced to use one of all three types, while jade cocoon used 3 out of 4 at any given time.

This stresses teamwork and formation far more than jade cocoon, because a loss of a side AND a support is equal in severity in punishment.

Plus pokemon has 6 per trainer at any given time. Having this triangular defense and offsense system makes a complete mockery of the double battle system the game series currently has.

Optional extra-meaning the above idea is solid. It doesn't need to be changed. But this extra can be ignored or played with. It's generally a section where one attempts to play with the idea to inspire others to use or modify.

Of the three sides, two of the slots takes up a specific "role".

A role is taken up by two types of units.

A side-who inherent position means the unit is a primary defense/offence
A corner-who's role is the support the side unit in a defensive or offensive way.

If this were pokemon I guess it would go under pokemon type.

Though if I were to follow the vein of jade cocoon where each side a had a role.

the three roles would the fighting system basics.

Attack, defense, support.

And this team work basis is maximised by separating the side and corner units of each role.

Think back to the triangle. Directly opposite of a side is a corner.

That way when you use formations. You automatically have all three roles per side.


Attack side-attacks are polarised to do maximum damage. So support will try to damage or give status. While defense will try to debuff or buff.


Defense-defense is polarised to receiving minimum damage. So defense will try to block attacks outright. Support with boost stats. while attack attempts to beat up corner enemies.


Support-support is the move of anticipation, it is the move for preparation so that your consolidate your next move. In theory this is your weakest side. Attack effectively become defensive and only act in a counter attack capacity while defending the defense. defense will give immunities to everyone. while support will heal and revive units.