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Equestria Gaming is reborn! - DrLonePony - 10-19-2016

[Image: rebirthbold_by_drlonepony-dag324z.png]

Equestria Gaming is back!

As discussed in the previous comments and thanks to the amazing work of Lex, the site has been resurrected, all be it now at 
I'm not one to usually make announcements, but I felt after the effort to bring it back, we could at least acknowledge it formally.

Let's try and give it something worth reporting on!

RE: Equestria Gaming is reborn! - Lex Rudera - 10-19-2016

Huzzah! Now it's just gonna be a whole different challenge to actually keep the place active

RE: Equestria Gaming is reborn! - EliBrony91 - 10-22-2016

Awesome news Big Grin Like I said in other post, Equestria Gaming was the site where I first found about MLGD, and the first site that I came up with when searching for MLP fan games.

Glad it's up and running again ^^

RE: Equestria Gaming is reborn! - Wishdream - 10-22-2016

Haha thanks for posting it for me. I don't usually have the time enough to post right now ^^;

RE: Equestria Gaming is reborn! - Sebastian1314 - 11-18-2016

Fantastic news!! Congrats to everyone involved! Here's to a great future for MLGD, EqG, and ponydev in general.