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Fidget's Mediocre Music Pile - Sweet Fidget - 10-26-2013

Sometimes, when there is a full moon and I'm feeling really motivated, I create moosic using various programs. This is totally a hobby, and I mostly make brief simple melodies intended to loop, often in great need of polish. If you want epic sweeping orchestrals you'll probably want to look elsewhere.

Below are a few poorly-sorted examples. These are intended as samples of my ability, so if you want to use one of these, please let me know so I can check and keep it all organized. Thanks!

A catchy song:
An ambient song:
A bossy song:
A treehouse library song:
A conceptual set of songs:
An unused song:
I made a bunch of music for this game although it sounds weird in this video and I think the game is abandoned but I'm not sure:

~PXTONE playlist on Soundcloud wooo yeah:

~WARIOWARE DIY, surprisingly fun but far from professional:
Video containing a bunch of music with a tracklist in the description:
Here's a single song to make things easier on you:

I think that's everything.
I'm totally an amateur at this, but it's an active and growing interest. Maybe one day I'll even understand how to use trackers.
So, if you want me to do something for you, let me know!

RE: Fidget's Mediocre Music Pile - Wishdream - 10-27-2013

Ooo... Some of these will be useful. Thanks~!

RE: Fidget's Mediocre Music Pile - Vanni - 10-28-2013

Now that I got around to listen to it, I'm going to steal them and not give credit because I'm evil ah ah! (I'm joking!)

On a more serious note (pun intended), expect requests for music in the future. Wink

RE: Fidget's Mediocre Music Pile - Sweet Fidget - 10-31-2013

These are intended more as a sample of what I do, but if you want to any of these for a project, I'd like to know! I like keeping track of what's In-Use/Used.

Also, please keep in mind that I'm very amateur, and we should go on a musician-hunt to find someone more capable and flexible.
As RCA2 doesn't export, that's out of the picture. I'll be continuing to search for and try learning software.

RE: Fidget's Mediocre Music Pile - Sweet Fidget - 01-18-2014

I aquired FL Studio for Christmas, so I've been trying to continue building skill.

Three more examples, all of which are being used for projects, so they're not up for grabs. I figure posting unobtainable stuff is better than "radio silence."

RE: Fidget's Mediocre Music Pile - Sweet Fidget - 07-28-2014

Newly recompiled pile of composting little tunethings for your greasy games! The older one had Some Problems.

Incomplete MLGD Album Scraps - Sweet Fidget - 02-10-2015

I'm going to release the songs I've finished and unfinished for the MLGD album I was going to make last year because I have no confidence that I'll ever complete the rest of it. Unfortunately that means a lot of great people are left out simply because I couldn't squeeze an aspect of them into musical form in a way that satified me. But here's what there is:

Some finished and polished, some half-baked ideas, some completely melodies with crappy instruments, and at least one tiny piece of scrap that was random notes but I left it in because, well, it was there.

Lemme know if the droopbox don't work.

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